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Our customer satisfaction is critically important to us.  We do everything we can to gain our customer’s confidence and positive reviews and testimonials. Here are what some of our clients have to say about the service and occupational therapy that they have received from us.

Occupational Therapy

“Chantel was my OT person after I had a brain tumor removed. I was totally unaware that there was even such a thing available to me out there.

Chantel was so easy to work with, right away she helped calm my fears of not ever going to regain my ability of regaining normalcy.

Chantel’s ideas were built for me and only me and when she worked with me I felt like I was her only patient and new I was going to be able to get what I needed from the OT I was getting.

We worked on brain exercise’s from Lumosity. She helped me learn how to use my computer again. I was afraid of it how my brain didn’t work like it did in the past.

She took me to grocery stores and we walked around to familiarize where things were located again.

She was brave enough to ride in a car with me and remind me how to get to different places in different towns.

We walked up and down stairs so that I felt comfortable enough to go into buildings that had stairs to climb.

She took me to some of my favorite places to go like the grotto which is a hiking place in the mountains that I never thought I could do until she helped me do it.

She took me to Church and helped relearned the things that I thought I could never do again.

She is so good at caring as your working on OT things it feels like you have a sister right next to you cheering you on.” 

Linda W.


Chantel Bennett is an amazing Occupational Therapist.  It’s evident when she works with patients that she is both professional and knowledgeable.  If you want to improve your situation and get meaningful results call Chantel as soon as possible.” 

Occupational Therapist Near Me

Steve M.

Occupational Therapy Near Me

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